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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Daily Practice of Zazen?

Jikoji's Residents support an ongoing practice schedule with Zazen and a ceremony in the morning, and Zazen only in the evening. Guests and visitors are welcome to join these programs. Monday through Thursday Zazen starts at 6 am in the morning and at 8 pm in the evening, but on Fridays at 6 am only. On Saturdays there is no formal sitting period.

Sunday Schedule?

Sundays describes Jikoji's weekly program, and also lists and describes our scheduled speakers. Come join us!

Sesshin Schedule? Contributions?

Sesshins typically begin on the evening of the first day with registration from 4:00-6:00 and an informal supper at 6:00 pm. Sesshins typically end about 2:30 pm, after lunch and clean-up on the final day. The suggested contribution is $50 per day, that includes dormitory accommodation and meals. No Title See also Jikoji Calendar and Sesshin Schedule

Full Day Schedule? Contribution?

Full day programs typically begin at 8:00 a.m.and continue until 5:00 pm, and include periods of Zazen (typically 30 to 40 minute long) alternating with walking meditations, as well as breaks, a dharma talk, lunch, and tea. A contribution of $25 is suggested.

If the sitting is on a Sunday, it will typically include and extend the Sunday program.

Attendance Requirements? Fees? Arrangements?

Sesshins and other events can be attended on a part time, drop in basis. Please call ahead and register if you plan to attend meals or stay overnight. A donation of $50 per day incuding meals and dormitory accomodations is requested, but no one is ever turned away from the Dharma for lack of funds. Scholarships and work-study programs that cover some or all of the costs may be available. Please call Jikoji at 408-741-9562 for further information, or to make reservations, if you plan on staying for meals or overnight lodging.

More Information?

To download files about sesshin, see:


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