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Winter Practice Period 2013

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Winter Practice Period (Ango) led by shuso Tatsudo Doug Jacobson

In the early Buddhist sangha it was traditional to come together in the winter months for a devoted time of practice and teaching. This winter, Jikoji’s Practice Period (also called “Ango”) begins with Nehan-e sesshin led by Angie Boissevain in February, continues through March and into the beginning of April, finishing with Tanjo-e sesshin, led by Ian Forsberg.

This is a time for deepening practice, for attending sesshins, for a daily practice commitment (at Jikoji or in one’s home), and giving yourself time for study, reflection and being still. Doug Jacobson will be the Shuso, the “practice leader,” guiding this important time. He will lead the Study Group (below) and be available for individual practice discussions and other help within the Practice Period time. Tanjo-e sesshin will also include an ordination, a shuso ceremony and it ends with our traditional Buddha’s Birthday Party.

Diamond Sutra Study Group

We will be meeting on Sunday Afternoons, following Jikoji’s Sunday program, from February 17 to April 7. Everyone is welcome, for all or part.

The Diamond Sutra is a primary Mahayana text, important to Soto Zen, that emphasizes no-self and emptiness. Red Pine has come out with great new translation with insightful commentaries. (The other English translations include: A.F. Price 1947; Edward Conze 1958; Thich Nhat Hanh 1992; Mu Soeng 2000). With the Red Pine translation, the first five chapters are suggested for the first group meeting. First meeting will include the origin and history of the Diamond Sutra, and an overview of the sutra.

If at all possible, please get a personal copy, but Jikoji also is buying 5 copies of Red Pine's translation and copies of the other translations will be available.

The study group on Sunday will meet from 2 to 4 pm. There will be some presentation of the topic, a tea break, followed by questions and open discussion, ending with a short period of zazen, and an optional potluck supper. Please join us!


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